Thanks to Lea and the team. The messages were outstanding and Energy was thick and mild.


For the first time in NOVITA in Ljubljana as otherwise I am familiar with it in Celje. It was an excellent experience. I feel relaxed, without any thoughts and ready for another new week. Thanks to the team.


Today was my first time in NOVITA. It was a magical experience and tears of joy were flowing in the end. Thanks to master and Dejan! I’m going to come again and also bring others along!


NOVITA was superb! I felt like being in the middle of a sea. While receiving a massage from my therapist I got a feeling like Energy embraced me. I will come back for sure.


I enjoyed NOVITA very much. Great energy, therapist’s softness and instructor’s strong energy flow.


Each soft word, each touch and grip is absorbed into my body, heart and soul. I feel out of this world. Energy is fantastic, everything flows, and everything can be sensed. NOVITA is the best method for enjoying and at the same time learning a new lifestyle.


NOVITA always helps me to increase my energy levels. It’s probably the one and only therapy, which with its power and light helps every soul to get what it needs. These most certainly are grace, love and deep peace of mind. I’d like to congratulate to the whole team of therapists and instructors, who created an unforgettable ambient of enjoyment.


The first time during NOVITA, after the initial 15 minutes when I was switching off, a world of colours, soft shapes and a small cloud opened up to me. I’ll be back for more.


It was nice to get to know a new way of living and thinking. I would also like to compliment the therapist for the therapy.


Lately I‘ve been working a lot and I’ve been very tired. I haven’t been getting enough sleep either and have been waking up tired. During the therapy I managed to relax. Towards the end I fell asleep, but I woke up fresh and rested for the first time in a long time. I felt like a baby.


In the relaxed state in which I entered during Novita I came to understand that I was on the right track and I will continue practising the messages which I got also in my daily life. After Novita I felt light, healthier and relaxed.

Every Novita gives me something new. It feels like heaven. I’ll be back.


Every time I experience Novita I realise that being in touch with the energy is one of the most important things there is. This programme enables one to get in touch with the energy by means of a relaxing energy therapy which is performed by extremely skilful therapists and by means of teachings which are passed on by an instructor. This is the best form of therapy I have ever had a chance to experience.


Novita is a real balm to my soul. This is what fills you up.


I came with back pain and left in a relaxed state without any pain whatsoever.


Novita is such balm to body and soul that one doesn’t even think about ever going looking for an alternative.


Novita gave me everything I need and will continue to need – good energy, a different point of view, a different kind of thinking and acting in life, softness and new momentum for the new way of life in phenomenism.


It was so pleasant that I can’t express it in words. I cannot describe, what a wonderful feeling it is, when your heart leaps with joy. Thank you for such a beautiful experience.

It’s hard to find words to describe all these feelings. It was really amazing, so soft and caressive. I sincerely thank everyone.

Thank you for a wonderful Novita. Thank you Lea, Ivan and Verica.