NINA (36)

Besides that, all the messages we have been receiving became more and more interesting to me. Although we all somehow make it through our lives, these messages about a new lifestyle are different and new, which I find extremely stimulating. My training has quickly moved on from calming down my heart to other areas of life as well, mostly to relationships. When I look myself back in those days, I can see that I trully am different person within. Back then I lived as everything should be achieved – no matter the price, head through the wall, as a bulldozer I rammed through the obstacles, which I have had many. Maybe that’s why I became a bulldozer and not a pleasant limousine. My motto was that I have to be so strong and run over everything. So I did and burned out. Along the way I dismissed all the incompetent people, tough days I overcame with entertainment and fun. To become independent at an early age I worked and studied at the same time. I seized every moment and situation to march on which of course led tp many conflicting situations at home, work and least among friends. However, with energy training I started learning how to talk calmly, how to reflect upon myself, how to accept other people and understand why they behave the way they do. Over the years my feeling that whatever I do is still not good enough and that people aren’t hurting others intentionally started fading away. I also started feeling just how important it is to express what you feel in your heart. I got out of my relationship, which I somehow got stuck in and had been very poor during past few years. I could finally leave when I started feeling free enough to express my feelings and began living the way I wanted to. Then I met many other people who offered me a completely different experience. I think that the more I learned to open my heart, the more I got surrounded with people whom this meant a lot. Not to feel offended and live with an open heart has been a big challenge for me, while on the other hand being a large stimulation to keep up the energy training. I was truly happy whenever I manage to open my heart and let go of something that was hurting. As a result of this the situations that followed were even better than I could have ever imagined! Wow, I said to myself, this is it! I have always considered myself as a communicative person but no one could break through my shell. Well, almost nobody. With the training I finally dared to remove this defensive armour of mine and it felt like very heavy weight was lifted of me. I did it with confidence that nothing bad can happen and that I have protection; I only have to open my heart. Of course, I could not hold this position every day all day but I had this intention and I knew the position that I wanted to achieve.

It is interesting how people start behaving differently wround you when your view on life changes. Such experiences have also shown me that some people are compatible with other and some not. There’s nothing wrong with this – to please everyone is simply not possible. Day by day I was progressing and I have to say that my training has never been boring. Also everyday life has become interesting in many other ways as I began looking at everything from a different perspective – what position do others and I hold? How does the energy flow? What is the bigger picture in all of these situations? What still hurts me, and what I have to outgrow?

Then I started to learn about softness. I received one hundred and one situations from the Universe – first, to see where I was hard (it’s not that you don’t know about that; if nothing else, you feel like kicking the stone barefoot each time), but I was given an opportunity to begin practicing these situations in a more slick way. With the help of messages that I received from the stage, the support of all those who surrounded me and skilful directions from the universal energy I slowly managed to do this as well. I’m glad that I’ve never felt an aversion to this (by the way, who would like to keep kicking a stone constantly?). When I first took off my armour and then softened my soul, my life was already on a whole different level. Well, not everything was that rosy. In the meantime, I have experienced a lot of trials, tests, lower and upper barriers. What was happening on the outside while I was learning how to keep my heart open, tear down my armour and soften my soul?

In order to illustrate some of my results more clearly, I will tell you two stories. The first one, which relates to my hardness, accepting and adapting my behavior towards others and then another one that shows blockages in my spine. Some time ago I had a colleague who was really difficult to get along with. On Mondays nobody was allowed to talk to her because she was weak and tired after the weekend. Each subsequent day until ten in the morning she didn’t communicate because she was still in process of waking up. Whatever happened throughout the day there has always been a culprit and it rarely ended peacefully. Her behaviour was very negative, but the fact was that I couldn’t accept her. Several times I was asking about that at energy sessions and frankly speaking I could see no chance how such a person could ever be accepted. Well, Lea eventually breaks any armor including this one and I slowly started seeing this girl in a different light. I began acceptin her behaviour, even though I would have never behaved the same way. I learned that we are not all the same and there’s nothing wrong with that. When I finally fully accepted her and her moaning no longer disturbed me, she left our team. I know that she left because handle the pressure at work but what’s important to me is that I was able to accept her and after that it was easier for me to deal with other people that behaved like her. We are too small to change character of other people but we can be wise, accept and be happy.

The following remarkable result is my recognition on why the pain in my back has occurred. In general, I like going to work so the resistance to work meant there was a state of emergency. Mostly, I felt it due to negative people around me, non-stimulating work, lack of challenges and opportunities for development. Yes, standing still is not one of my virtues. As a test I got to sit opposite a very negative colleague for over 8 hours day. I had to listen how she hates her mother because she is strict and cold, how she hates her father, because he left the family and that all people are terrible, etc. Due to her inner pain and dissatisfaction she was rude, which back then was hurting me. I went on a vacation for a week and was looking forward to be away from her for a while. The first few days of my leave were fine, but after I couldn’t even imagine going back and siting opposite her again. Before I could count to three I started feeling serious paing in my back. I was dragging myself on my knees with a 4-year-old girl carrying two pairs of skis. I was struggling to reach the top of the ski area to meet the girl’s parents. A feeling of horror overwhelmed me when I realised the situation I found myself in. Pain was excruciating, an unpleasant situation and the feeling of helplessness was killing me. Being completely desperate, I called Dušan and he laughed at me! He said that I have a reaction! He’s kidding, I thought. I’m down on my knees and my back hurts as if the Satan himself cut me across my back. Yet he’s talking about blockages and how I should relax. Well, I quickly realised that I have no other solution so I followed the instructions. After arriving home I went to work without taking any pills, withouth being in gallows at the Polyclinic and long recuperation after only one week. Instead I used that to attend all energy training sessions, where I was working on accepting this situation and the blockages in my spine. At the time I didn’t know that it wad not only a physical blockage but also resistance. This knowledge I gained later on. However, my comeback to being active again was incredibly fast.

PETRA (29)

People always thought of me as a nice, warm and hearty person. I never experienced conflicts in relationships. I was always ready to help everyone, listen to them, talk to them and advise them. They just kept coming. Even my husband, who I helped to overcome some psychological problems before our wedding. To drag people out of the dark felt nice, but something just didn’t feel right. I often felt exhausted, gloomy, and anxious. “Getting involved” is what this was, as I learned at Spirala. The highly praised empathy is no good. To listen, but hear nothing, only shine, shine… and be perfectly unconcerned – that’s the real thing! And so I’m learning to shine. At work they call me “sunshine” and they say that things work out better when I’m near. Yes, people, get yourselves some sunglasses, because there’ll be more and more sunny days from now on.

URŠKA (21)

In my family conflicts were quite common. When I started practising a state of peace at Spirala, a state in which anger, excitement, nervousness and impatience have no place, the relationships in my family started to improve noticeably. Whenever any of my family members started to scold me or if they got angry with me, I remembered that I had to stay calm and by doing that I managed to beat bad energy with good energy and the conflict didn’t even occur. My relationships are better in general, because I now know how to react and act. Certain things still throw me off the track occasionally, but the difference is obvious.

Soon after I started going to Spirala people that are closest to me could notice the difference in the way I reacted and acted and I told them where I was learning it. At first they were sceptical but now my grandmother and my mother attend Spirala’s programmes. Also my father now approves of my going there because he can see that I’m happier.

IRIS (25)

Since I started practising at Spirala, also the relationship with my husband has changed. I have learned to accept him, understand him, show him love and solve conflicts, which I used to avoid. I work at a family firm, the owner of which is my father-in-law. What bothered me most was the relationship between my husband and his father. I meddled into their problems and tried to solve them and I tried to change my father-in-law. That’s why I began to avoid him. But with the help of the Energy I realised, that I can’t change a person and by doing this avoid unpleasant things. I started to accept him the way he was and appreciate him.

I can now communicate with people I don’t know more easily, I don’t feel ashamed and I’m much more open.

LUKA (27)

My wife and I first came to Spirala because we wanted a baby. We now believe that babies will come when the time is right and we have instead begun to get to know each other better.

We run a family business and that’s why I have to meet my father every day. Before I started coming to Spirala I argued and got angry with him every day and I only had negative thoughts regarding him. I couldn’t look into his eyes or greet him. We talked only about business. Whenever he came close I’d shut up because if I’d said anything he would’ve interfered, even if I’d been talking to a client. I never laughed when he was near, I could never admit a mistake and he always interrogated me – and vice versa.

What I’ve learned at Spirala has given me a broader view of the world. I see now that if I’m soft, so is he and I can look him in the eyes with joy and wish him a good morning. We have started talking about private things as well and I’ve come to understand that he’s also only human and has reactions. I try not to be bothered now when he’s near. I admit my mistakes and he doesn’t scold me. I don’t care about his mistakes anymore, but if anything does bother me I try to tell him with the right energy and it truly helps. He doesn’t interfere in my jobs now and I feel freer and I’m consequently more successful.