URŠKA (21)

I probably wouldn’t have made it through the first year of my studies if it weren’t for Spirala and the Energy. They’ve taught me how to be relaxed and calm during exams and that this was in fact more important than the knowledge itself. Due to lack of time and also lack of interest I was very poorly prepared for my exams, but still I managed to pass them and many of my classmates who had more knowledge and intelligence failed. Your inner state really is most important of all and I owe my successfulness to it and to Spirala, because I learned to relax before exams and when I study. People at Spirala helped me also by relaxing for me. I believe I will be able to pass every year without repeating because I have faith in the power of the Energy and of this method.  

TADEJ (24)

I came to SPIRALA, because my mother had practised here. She suggested that I should go have a look as well. I had speech related problems – stuttering and the fear of public speaking. My stuttering has diminished and I don’t get stage fright before public speaking. My memory’s also improved. Even if I only read something once I remember it. That’s why study was no struggle for me. My relationship with professors and other faculty staff was always good.


I came to SPIRALA because of problems with concentration, because I just couldn’t pass the last exam at the faculty. I was apathetic, so I lazed about all day long, ate and avoided people. I came to Spirala’s course for improving concentration, because I hadn’t passed an exam in eight months. After the course I passed it in no time.  

ANŽE (22)

SPIRALA’s teachings have helped me overcome fear and nervousness before exams. I have one particular experience: I was very nervous because I knew I hadn’t studied enough for an exam. But then I came to the Spirala centre, read the subject matter once, went to the exam completely relaxed and passed it.  

NINA (19)

I came to SPIRALA because of fear of exams. Already after the first visit my fear reduced to such extent that a new life began for me. After a month my fear completely disappeared and I was able to pass my exams with ease.

MAJA (27)

All my life I had problems with concentration and found it difficult to study. It always took me a long time just to get myself to start studying. Now, when I’m practicing at SPIRALA I sometimes just sit down and start studying without spending hours on preparation. I find it a lot easier also to learn about things which I don’t really like that much. I was also very afraid of exams, especially oral exams. Now I’m a lot more relaxed and it seems to me, that everything is going smoothly. It’s easier for me to handle the pressure regarding my diploma thesis and defending it doesn’t seem all that hard work.

PETRA (16)

I came to SPIRALA because of problems with concentration. In just a few days of attending the sessions my concentration improved, I could study with greater ease and got better grades.  

NINA (15)

With regular energy practice I’ve achieved good results at school and better grades. Sometimes I was tired after school and went straight to bed, but I’ve stopped doing that now.


I studied because I wanted to show other people how successful I was, I wanted to please my mother and satisfy my ambitions. However, I had less and less energy for studying. I gave up on my first studies after almost completing three years. After a while I enrolled in a study programme I was interested in, but it still wore me out. At SPIRALA I found more energy and inner peace. When I learned I was able to get the gist faster and to learn the right things for a particular exam. With the help of Spirala I prepared also for my diploma thesis and I was grateful to have been able to prepare for it in the energy field of our centre in Ljubljana. It was there that I got some amazing ideas that proved to be the key to the successful defence of the thesis.