A few weeks ago Mira from Canada received Spirala’s Insomnia and Energy relaxation CDs. Due to both CDs having a positive effect on her, she sent the below e-mail to Spirala.

Hello Dusan,

I am very very pleased that I received these CDs. Already the first evening when I listened to “Insomnia” I slept 80% better than usual. Since then, I’ve been doing well. I listen the CD in the mornings and evenings but find it a bit difficult to listen during the day. This is we run a garden centre where we service customers, phone calls, etc.

Over here is quite busy and we are constantly in a hurry but I will try to listen to your advice.

I will send you an update in a few weeks to let you know the results.


IRIS (25)

I now need much less sleep then I did before I started coming to Spirala. I used to sleep eight hours or more, but I was still tired and sleepy. Now six hours of sleep are enough for me and I feel better.  

IDA (51)

Because I was nervous during the day I couldn’t sleep at night. First I tried to fight insomnia with tranquillizers and later with strong sleeping pills. At Spirala I have learned that how I sleep at night largely depends on what state I’m in during the day. That is why I followed all the advice that I got during trainings: I got up early in the morning, I relaxed during the day and in the evening I got ready for good sleep. I didn’t read books or watch television. And I realised that I no longer needed sleeping pills.

JANJA (61)

One of my biggest results after I started coming to Spirala was overcoming insomnia. For about twenty years I had tried all possible things to be able to sleep well. Sometimes I only took an aspirin, at other times a tranquiliser and when it was critical even a sleeping pill. It’s true, that this helped me relax at night and even get some sleep. I had to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day. Now my sleep is different, better and much shorter. Sometimes only six hours are enough and I can be active, content and happy during the day and feel good.