VESNA (40)

In January 2011 I took part in the Anti-stress Programme, organised by Spirala. The next day I was told at work I looked very beautiful and very young. The way a person feels is the way they look and the fact is that one has to do something for this. Spirala has proved many times with its programmes that with a different approach, with quality energy transmission and energy knowledge on how to surrender to the Energy and connect to the source of life force anything is possible. I want to thank for the wonderful programme for overcoming stress, which gave me more than it had promised to. However, the most fascinating thing is that when your life energy improves, your body and soul shine and Spirala with its programmes provides this very thing. I therefore warmly recommend to everyone who is feeling worn-out, tired, stressed, ill or unmotivated that you treat yourself to a wonderful gift, such as Anti-stress Programme.  

NENAD (26)

I experienced stressful situations at work and I worked all the time. Money went to my head. I worried about how I was going to manage in life. Previously I went to work with difficulty and I wasn’t on good terms with my subordinates. What I have learned at SPIRALA has helped me to start to accept my subordinates and now I don’t find it hard to go to work and when I come home from work I’m no longer exhausted.

IRIS (25)

Since I started training at SPIRALA, my work productivity’s increased and I can do more both at work and at home. But of course I try to stay in a good position and be in a relaxed state during the day.


When I first came to SPIRALA, I was on good terms with my co-workers, but I didn’t get on with my boss. I had a feeling she was looking for my mistakes so that she could prove I was incompetent and she expected good results from me but gave me such assignments that it was impossible for me to achieve those results. I felt bad, I would come to work in fear of all the bad things that could happen that day. At SPIRALA I began to realise that my fear and my feeling bad came from inside of me, which meant that it was I who had to change my attitude towards my boss and my work if I wanted to be calm, content, successful and enjoy good relations at work.

IDA (48)

At SPIRALA I also learn about how to work in a different position. This shows especially at work. When I feel very tired, I just relax a little and then I go on with my work. I have discovered that the more I strain myself and get involved in work, the worse the results. But when I try to be completely relaxed and unconcerned, my work is done much faster and better. I return home from work happier and less tired and as a result of that also my relationships at home have improved. Because I’m calmer, I can cook lunch faster, so I have more time for other things. In this way I’ve become much more useful to my family.

MAJDA (46)

I have been coming to SPIRALA for about 3 months. At the first session I was able to see the Energy during relaxation and connect to it. The reason I first came here was that I was tired all the time and I worked too much. But I wanted to work even more and came here for the energy for that. However, I discovered that I didn’t need it and that I could change myself. I soon gained a lot of faith in the Energy and conquered the fear of dying. After that everything seemed easy. I became happy. Connecting to the Energy helps me at work, because my fatigue derived from focusing too much on everything. 


One of the reasons why I came to SPIRALA was that I was very afraid of being temporarily transferred, because I felt I wouldn’t be able to get accustomed to the new environment. But interestingly enough, I was always left out when it came to transfers and only when I had become strong enough my turn came – and I survived. I’ve now been transferred again and I’m working in an interesting team and get on well with my new co-workers. It’s actually turned out to be one of the most pleasing experiences in my life. I’ve generally become more open and happier at work. Sometimes I feel fresh at the end of my shift and it’s happened several times that the people from other shifts asked me if I was coming to work or going home. Sometimes I even long for work and that never happened before.

MAJA (27)

Before I started coming to SPIRALA I was often nervous and stressed. When I was faced with demanding tasks at school or at work, I was always very tense and a lot of times I performed worse because of that. At SPIRALA I’ve learned how to work and learn in a good position, in a relaxed, unconcerned and stress-free way. If I succeed in doing that, things become easy. Everything always works out, even better then I’d expect.

IDA (51)

At SPIRALA I’ve learned how to work so I don’t get tired. After a few years I was able to do more in less time and to do it better. If I felt that I had become too involved in my work, I relaxed a little, asked the Energy to help me and then got on with work. Results were unbelievable. And, I went home feeling fresh and happy.

NINA (28)

Until a few years ago success in every area of life represented to me a certain value in life, which however vanished instantly when problems with my heart started. Today I perceive success at work, school and elsewhere as something that comes with good life position. When I started seeing life as a game, work became fun for me. I decided to enrol also at a master’s programme, which I take as a challenge, not as an obligation. I study effortlessly, even though I spend long hours working. And despite all this I can still take time off for other things, because I no longer have the feeling, that I’m constantly running out of time or that I won’t do something well enough. I know now that success is only possible in a state in which you feel free inside. I believe that the key to happiness lies in the right life position and developing of one’s morality. Everybody needs wind in order to be able to sail successfully through life, to move onwards and my wind is fresh energy.


Before I started going to SPIRALA I got very tired when working and I got upset about everything. Now I work with a lot more ease, I’m not absent-minded and forgetful, but calm instead.

JANA (42)

By visiting SPIRALA I have achieved the following results: good sleep, calmness, normal blood pressure, I have increased work productivity and overcome eye problems.

LUKA (27)

At SPIRALA I’ve learned how to sleep less. The key to this is to get up early in the morning and go out for a walk. By doing this I’m a lot more concentrated at work and less tired even though I sleep less, because the sleep that I do get is better.